Patient Experience and Virtual Healthcare

My current PhD dissertation research examines patient experiences of virtual healthcare. Uptake in virtual care has accelerated in Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic. While online or mediated visits may be a new way for most practitioners to interact with their patients, the foundations for understanding these experiences (for both patients and practitioners) may be found … Continue reading Patient Experience and Virtual Healthcare

Watchtime Canada

I co-authored YouTube's first research report on creators & consumers: Watchtime 2019. Google commissioned X University's Audience Lab (where I was a graduate research assistant) to examine the role of YouTube in Canada’s media ecosystem with a report focusing on Canadian YouTube creators and consumers.The study proved groundbreaking on two fronts:Nationally: YouTube has been available in … Continue reading Watchtime Canada

The Audience Lab

Graduate researcher at Ryerson University's FCAD Audience Lab. The Audience Lab is an innovative and interdisciplinary research network that aims to understand contemporary media consumption and user/audience experiences. We work with industry partners to tackle challenging questions related to audience research, digital communication, and human-computer interaction and specializes in trend analysis, persona development, and millennial/generation Z … Continue reading The Audience Lab